Flooring Store 'Near Me'? This is where we are located.

North Austin, where Johnson Fine Floors is located, has been growing consistently for almost a decade now. According to city-level population estimates released on May 13th, Georgetown, is the fastest-growing U.S. city with more than 50,000 new residents. It grew by an eye opening 7.8 percent from mid-2014 through mid-2015, adding 4,611 residents and raising its population from 59,105 to 63,716.

How has the city of Austin’s growth been? It grew at a slower clip than its outskirts neighbors between 2014 and 2015, expanding by 2.1 percent with the addition of 19,117 residents to rise to a population of 931,830.

Growth like that has reflected in rising residential values. With such a redistribution of living spaces, Austin residential renovations and home improvement spending has been on an enviable upward trend. Of the most popular home improvement projects. Flooring renovation has seen a particularly notable rise. Swapping out old floors for the new innovative hardwood, stone tile and laminate flooring has been a favorite of Interior Designers and homeowners alike.

Anyone looking for a Flooring Store “near me” in Austin Texas, as is done so often, will have a handful of options. Johnson Fine Floors is located at 3301 Steck Ave #107 Austin, TX. Our location is in North Austin, in what is called the North Shoal Creek area. Across from MoPac Highway 1, looking Northwest and between Highway 360, are the affluent areas of Serena Woods, Spicewood Forest, Twin Mesa, Mountain Ridge, and Vista North. To the East of the North Shoal Creek area, is the North Austin Civic Association area. Growth in these areas has matched the overall North Austin growth trends.

What is to the North of Johnson Fine Floors? The areas of NcNeil, North Burnet, Jollyville, and Wells Branch.

What are the growth projections for the future? According to this new research by American City Business Journals, The population of the Texas capital, which reached 2 million last year, is projected to soar 98.5 percent to nearly 4 million by 2040. Businesses involved with home improvement and renovations are likely to benefit from the phenomenon of migration, and the following home sales.